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Hello. I'm Raemonde from the Alexina server. I'm quite sure most people have no idea who I am, but that's not to bad. 

I'm a digital artist who sometimes enjoys to create music, be it original music, or pieces that already exist. On Mabinogi, I tend to play mostly on Raemonde, but I have a few cosplay characters. Most notably are Ghirahim (Ghirahim) from the Zelda series, Faize (Darkfaize) from the star ocean series, Miran (Miranfroaude) from the Legend of the Legendairy Heroes. 

I am glad to be part of this community now

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Welcome to the community Rae!

I hope to see you online sometime. (Even though chances are we'll never meet. Because EU times. :blush: )


Once again, welcome!

​Chances are you will. I'm mostly active at insanely odd times. I am sometimes online at 3-7am eastern. Depends on what I have to do the next day.

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Welcome aboard Rae Rae! :hi: Hope you enjoy your stay in our colourful community!

​ @Alynnia @Kui Once again we see the rare species of the Kui, taking another one of the new communities' "First-Post-Comment" virginity. (Inside Joke)

-clears throat- Ahem... HI Rae! Welcome to Mabibeats~ 

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