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Adjusting the music's time/tempo

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I really like the song "Scars of Time", from the game Chrono Cross, and I've been trying for some time now to create a proper file or score for it, but no luck so far...
The main issue is that whenever I paste it onto the game, the music's tempo is a little off...

Is searching for the "t"s and adjusting manually the only way to fix it? Because on the 3ml it sounds right and bla bla bla...

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@Yaenn - Searching for the tempo tags and making sure they line up and are the exact same in every single track is the only way for it to not de-sync in-game. 3MLE was made based on Mabinogi originally, which works differently (the tempo only needs to be in 1 track) so that is why 3MLE is not letting you hear the error.

If the song you are trying to play in-game is from our site use the "Report Submission" button to let us know that it does not sync correctly in the game so we can get the author to either update it, or we will remove it.

If this is a song you are importing yourself in 3MLE, then you will need to fix all of the tempo tags.

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