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Hey Yas. I wanted to tell you I do a bit of developing and I know my stuff pretty well. However, I'm by no means versed in MML. If i knew MML well enough I'd totally set you guys up for free. I love this site, man. Keeping it up and running would be payment enough, lol. Would you like me to try and pick it up and learn MML for you? I really hate for people to have to pay just to keep the site running right. Lemme know and I'll see what i can do.

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I responded in PM, but I am still not sure what you are talking about when you say "People have to pay to keep the site running", I pay for my servers/websites out of pocket and almost always have. There have been a few exceptions in the past but the volunteer staff have always helped with that. If you are talking about the donations we received on the sidebar, that is for an actual program for composing mml. Software like 3MLE, it has nothing to do with the site software.

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