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  1. nanabi

    Trails of Cold Steel 2 - Blue Destination

    aw hell yeah dude
  2. nanabi

    Deltarune - Rude Buster

  3. good stuff, favorite song from the game
  4. one of the best suikoden songs
  5. nanabi

    Dark Cloud 2 - Gundorada Workshop

    beautiful song from the game
  6. nanabi

    Night in the Woods - Astral Alley

    sounds great on violin
  7. nanabi

    Tales of the Abyss Opening - Karma

    Always good to see karma put in
  8. nanabi

    Final Fantasy X-2 - Yuna's Ballad

    this is pretty excellently transposed
  9. nanabi

    Legend of Heroes - Sora no Kiseki: Shine of Eidos

    seriously, thank you for getting some of the best music from a JRPG on here, loving all of these
  10. nanabi

    Toby Fox - It's Raining Somewhere Else (Undertale)

    good stuff
  11. nanabi

    Final Fantasy IX Piano Collection - Melodies of life

    awesome to hear this song
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