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    Trails of Cold Steel: Exceed!

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    Trails of Cold Steel IV: Burning Throb

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    Trails of Cold Steel 3 Opening

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    Mabinogi: npc_earen

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    Mabinogi: title_aossi

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    Trails of Cold Steel 1 Opening

  7. dra6o0n

    How do I use the MS2MML File on the song page?

    It seems that you need to have each track in the song to have a tempo set in order to play it properly, it does not share any functions or code from the other tracks in one song. This means in theory you could 'hack' together a song with different tempo for different segments of the whole song, to fit multiple songs in them, you just gotta guess how long a song lasts for and make the tempo super low with long rests to skip until the end of the 1st song, to start the 2nd song.
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