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  1. dasvanu17

    Request: Fairy Tail - Towa no Kizuna

    Here you go! fairy tail op 9 - Towa No Kizuna.ms2mml 5k notes This version is a little slower because the tempo of the song exceeds the maximum tempo for Maplestory 2 but I still like how it sounds. If someone can make a version that matches the tempo then I would love that as well.
  2. dasvanu17

    Fairy Tail OP 9 - Towa No Kizuna

  3. dasvanu17

    Inuyasha Ending 2 - Fukai Mori

  4. dasvanu17

    Every Heart - InuYasha

    Here you go! Inuyasha - Every Heart.ms2mml 10k notes Works well on piano but I also enjoy it on the harp
  5. dasvanu17

    Inuyasha ending 4 - Every Heart

  6. dasvanu17

    Kingdom Hearts 2 - The Other Promise

  7. dasvanu17

    Inuyasha Ending 1 - My Will

  8. dasvanu17

    Tales of Symphonia - Fatalize

  9. dasvanu17

    Tales of Xillia OP - Progress

  10. dasvanu17

    Tales of Berseria - Velvet's Theme

    Here are some other "tales of" songs I've been able to make if anyone is interested. Opening song for Tales of Xillia. tales of xillia op.ms2mml Opening song for Tales of the Abyss. meaning of birth.ms2mml Tales of Symphonia - Fatalize tos fatalize.ms2mml
  11. dasvanu17

    Numb by Linking Park

    I just open the file in 3MLE then copy and paste it into ms2, then you can save the song as an .ms2mml
  12. Tyvm and good work, I have a hard time condensing most KH songs into less then 10k notes so this is a big help!
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