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  1. LifeisReal

    Game recommendation

    If you are looking for free games, a few that I play are: Dauntless (currently updating a patch and will resume online on May 21, 2019 - it's a free version of monster hunter genre) Tera Online is an mmorpg, its 3rd person hack n slash/action rpg Ring Of Elysium (free battle royale game on steam) Town Of Salem (browser text game, so the more social you are, the better advantage you have to figure out who is what role n defeat your enemies, lying can help or hurt you, too) For paid games, if have money to spend: Astroneer (sandbox PVE survival game on steam) Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes (get a partner and diffuse a bomb by word of mouth - also on steam)
  2. LifeisReal

    plz make mml naruto

    Someone made a mandolin version of this song in MusicalNexus. If you search for the title of the song or just "naruto" you'll see it on the 2nd page I think (there's 3 pages for naruto search). If that's not the version you wanted, then I could search online for the full instrumental track and try to make the song as well.
  3. LifeisReal

    Non Non Biyori Song Request

    I realized I made a huge mistake near the end of the song where the fast notes going higher and higher was actually 1 octave above where they should have been. The corrections have been made in the piano files, since only 1 track had to be changed, so it lessened by 5-6 notes. Use these instead. Non Non Biyori DUO - Pan Flute 167 notes.ms2mml Non Non Biyori DUO - Piano 1713 notes.ms2mml Non Non Biyori FULL SOLO 1879 notes.ms2mml
  4. LifeisReal

    Non Non Biyori Song Request

    Song: Hidamari Michi To Ren-Chon Composer: Hiromi Mizutani Anime: Non Non Biyori Piano Arrangement by Sean Adamson MML Created by LifeisReal Full Solo (Piano with Pan Flute): 1879 notes (Best played on piano) Duo - Piano: 1713 notes Duo - Pan Flute: 167 notes EDIT: Corrected piano track on April 5, 2019. Non Non Biyori DUO - Pan Flute 167 notes.ms2mml
  5. CREDITS: Song: RISE Artist: MADKID Anime: Tate No Yuusha No Nariagari (The Rising Of The Shield Hero) Piano Arrangement by zzz MML created by LifeisReal Number of notes in MML file: 7240 RISE - MADKID arrg by zzz mml by LifeisReal.ms2mml
  6. LifeisReal

    Intro - LifeisReal

    I am LifeisReal, played Maplestory 1 many years ago, quit at lv180, and started Maplestory 2 late 2018, but stopped after reaching max level, since I didn't want to grind for end game gear, since I could have fun doing things with friends elsewhere. Anyway, I have taught myself MLE and have been making a few songs already, so I'm happy to help or join others in East NA server for ensembles. In real life, I have played Piano on and off, so I can't say I'm a pro at it, but I know enough to play a few songs that I enjoy. As for now, I'm just checking up on this community to see what others are up to and maybe make friends. Cheers! o/
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