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  • MHW - Bazelguese Theme

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      Part 1 Intermediate (5K Notes) Pan Flute

      Part 2 Beginner (3K Notes) Trumpet

      Part 3 Maestro (10K Notes) Trombone

      Part 4 Maestro (10K Notes) Violin

      Part 5 Beginner (3K Notes) Pick Bass Guitar

      Part 6 Beginner (3K Notes) Pick Bass Guitar

      Part 7 Beginner (3K Notes) Timpani

      Part 8 Beginner (3K Notes) Tom Tom

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      Author Comment

      The very first Collaboration of our group. We worked on "Project B52" over the course of 3 days to get everything sounding just right. We are very happy with the outcome!

      We also have another shorter version which makes use of only 3k and 5k sheets, so anyone with the right instruments can play this! Link to that will be added at a later date when added to the Nexus

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       2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

    Now I just need to get 7 friends together and bomb a World Boss with this.

    Response from the author:

    (Hanaan talking cuz this account is currently on Hiatus mostly)

    I have a few battle ensembles that ive been jokingly talking with friends about doing exactly that lol... especially when 10man dungeons come, just gonna sit there playing a song while a few of us do it instead xD

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    I'm burnt out from MHW and you just had to bring this piece into MS2.  It's like I never left at all.

    Response from the author:

    Look forward to more large ensembles! :D

    Also your never safe from the B52, no matter what game you run to.

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