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How do I use the MS2MML File on the song page?

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When viewing a song record, click on the green button to download that songs MS2MML file.



Save it to a place you can find it! Once the file is saved, you can open it directly in the game when composing with a blank sheet of music! Here are some steps below:

Now to get the song in-game!
Begin by opening a blank music scroll. Double click on it to open it!


Next on the composer screen click on the "Open File" button, and navigate to where you saved the songs file that you downloaded from Maple Beats!





Open the file and it should load the music code into the composer screen automatically like so:



Make sure you put in the title for the song, and the Best Played On instrument choice, and then hit compose! You can also hit the play button on the right before composing to make sure it sounds ok and imported correctly.

If you import a song from a Maple Beats file and find that it does not sound right, please let us know by reporting the song submission!

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