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Hello, CoffeeBird here.

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Hi, I'm from the Alexina server and I have to be honest, I thought a site where people are actively posting music scores didn't exist anymore. I thought that people just make them and keep it for themselves or for their friends. I'm so happy I found this site because I was thinking about making the music scores myself, but I'm just god awful with 3mle and mml's. I know NOTHING about music, I try to but it's just so confusing to me. Music isn't my thing that's why I'm so relived to have found this site so I can just make the request but I also want to learn more about how to work with mml's and midi files and all that stuff, I don't want to be pushy with the request.

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For starters, you should take a look at basic music theory stuff and notes; the mml page of the mabi wikia already has some good info to get started!

Learning to read music sheet may also come in handy at times, if you're willing to. Or you can just hunt midi files people have made instead and tweak them around, OR if you feel doing hardmode, you can write down the songs manually by ear in 3mle. Good musical ear preferred, tedious, but rewarding!

Aside from that, usage of 3mle is somewhat simple when you get to it. Besides writing down the code in it, most of its use is to import/export code, or importing MIDI files. ctrl+k shortcut will let you see a keyboard if that's more your thing.

Have a nice time here :>


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Welcome! :D I can definitely see where you're coming from. Most of what I learned was from trial and error with a little info here and there. But while MML and 3MLE may seem a little intimidating at first for some, you can definitely get more experience with some practice!

And if you need any advice, feel free to ask the people around here. They're pretty nice and helpful, and I'm sure they'd be happy to help out with questions and whatnot!

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Hello and welcome to Mabibeats! You definitely came to the right place. We have everything from helpful members to great music submitted by our wonderful bards. As others have already mentioned, if you have any questions about music, MML, 3MLE or how to best make a pizza with four different kinds of cheese, go ahead and ask! :D

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Welcome to the world of MabiMusicians ;D

Of course, music is meant to be sheared.

I agree how boring would it be if someone made a fantastic piece for themselves right?!

There's no point to it xD

Edit: If you wan't to make music with us, go ahead and download 3ML!

If you don't have any musical experience, you can learn from either musictheory.net or the composition books in Mabinogi (They're actually true)

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