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Alexina Emain Concert for EU Timezone

Alexina Emain Concert for EU timezones  

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  1. 1. So lately I haven't been able to attend Poke's concerts because it's at 3 AM for me. Yes, I moved. I am firming out details to try hosting one of my own Same Day and Place only a bit earlier. What do you guys think?

    • YES! I'd be into that!!!
    • No, it's a stupid idea. Who wants those smelly EU players anyway?
    • Do we get cookies for coming?

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Recently I've moved from the States to the UK and I've found it difficult to attend the weekly concerts on Saturdays hosted by Poke. So I've been considering hosting one of my own, similar to his, for those of us in European timezones who can't drag ourselves out of bed at 3 AM to attend his. What do you guys think of this idea? I'll be firming out the details to give it a try for this next Saturday coming up.

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Poke didn't create the Emain Concerts I did. He is the co host and helps me when I'm busy and or not able to attend or host it myself. But yes it's a good idea if you need help or advice feel free to pm me

Good point but I'm not going to PM you Vierry >=o This is what we have Skype for <3

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