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Greetings ^-^


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Hello O.o been awhile since I've been a part of a Bard community so it's exciting to return ^-^ I'm Jisa from Tarlach, been playing for 4 years, started out as a Bard, met friends and fellow Bards I'm still friends with ♡ I throughly enjoy music, composing for Mabinogi and sharing with others. I have my own YouTube channel devoted to some of my compositions, a Tumblr and WordPress where I post my pieces for others to use ^-^ and enjoy. 

I'm usually a quiet person, so I may post very little and mostly lurk. I'm excited all the same, will be sure to thank my friend for telling me about this site ♡♡

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Welcome to MabiBeats! Even if you're just lurking, it's good that you at least said hi. :hi:
You don't have to be shy though. If something catches your eye, don't be afraid to speak your mind. I'm probably more quiet than you are anyway. d:

Hopefully, you'll post some of your compositions to the site. It would be nice to see more, you know?

But again, welcome! :byeb:

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