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Dear MabiBeats Users,

Currently our SSR Team will not being going at the pace it usually goes. We're all busy with finals coming up and personal issues. I myself don't have to worry about finals yet though I'm an AP student who got behind because of recent health problems. Your request may takes days as we try to make time to review all your submissions and reports. We hope you will continue to submit during this time and have patience. Thank you.

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For my case, it's a sudden breakdown of my main computer I used to use to do these submissions. Now I'm on a completely inferior computer, and any song previews I try to do will have such low quality, that I shouldn't even bother uploading them. This has been an ongoing issue for well over a month for me.

On the bright side, however, I should be getting a new laptop this coming week. So I will be able to do submissions again soon. Look forward to that.

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