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=o Hi Honestly didn't read anything before i posted. Ill answer questions as they are asked.

I've played Mabinogi on and off maybe 3 years? 

I love playing the game for the music aspect, it made me do more in game to obtain it, i hit R1 playing and composing to play all my favorites. 

I am a Pisces

i create dumb patterns when i speak from my subconscious 

I have lots of spelling errors 

And i will stop doing the I thing, 

My favorite colors are blue and black, sometimes white, I have only played as a female once to test a chorus i attempted to make, i am not good enough at music to create my own music or to create by ear. So yes im a Midi person. not a good one either.

I play on Alexina which i will sometimes call Alexandria idk why its the first thing that comes to mind.

Yes i can be an asshole as well as a sweet heart depending on the day ^^ or -.- is how you can tell. 

Now as i go to fix some of my spelling errors and grammar any questions class?

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