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[Alexina] Emain Concert 9/12/2015

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Feeling down? :dark: under the weather? :dripping: and/or mad that Black Magic isn't fixing your life? :damn:
Well don't be sad, be glad~! :happy: I recently started school and AP Physics is yikes and I feel like :imd: in the inside a lot.
But not right now because the concert is today~! :imc:
No more crying :kiddy: No more praying to god for answers or will pass your class :monk: No needs to worry :hot: (unless you performing after Lizvetta or Alynnia or Jain then you do have to worry).
Time to relax :onsen: Fall in love with music :onegai: Get pumped by music :pissedmode: and you won't feel alone here :lonely: in this frozen cold world :icey:
Who knows maybe you will find someone who is into music like you here too and fall in love :lovelove:
 I don't know :maikka: but you don't either so you have to come :megane: or else you won't forgive yourself :nonono:.

When you're here you will gasp and the awesomeness that is Music :nani: and then go to the Banquet and or fall asleep :oyasumi:
Location: Emain Macha, Stage
Channel: 6
Server: Alexina
Time: 5pm Pacific/ 7pm Central/ 8pm Eastern

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