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Hello, I'm Tihana/tihana678:01145202-2-2OZ8:


I am a long time mabinogi player. My original server is Ruairi, but now I main on Alexiena.

I just recently came back from a year break or so..... 

Only reason I came back, besides a few special friends, is the music. I know a lot of people, but, since it has been forever.. well.. :01145202-2-159B8:


Anyway <3

I love to play music, make music, and Like ALWAYS.... HOLD CONCERTS <3  :01145202-2-302I8:

Some of you may remember some of them.. and some of you may not. Regardless, Yay! 

Eventually I plan to get back-up-there and hold the big-ones again. Prizes and everything. But first... Mabi-re-immersion here I come!



Fairy Rings and Dandelion Seeds <3



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:01145202-2-102410: OOOOH nice!   Glad to see that your coming back to mabi. One of the concert coordinators is a friend of mine Pokemonher01.  If you're gonna hold concerts you should work with 'em. :01145202-2-2OZ8:  Though it sounds like you already know what you're doing.  Hope to participate in some up-coming concerts.  :01145202-2-E449:

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