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[Alexina] Concert 8/1/2015

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Hey~! Pokemonher01 here :bingo:
I don't know if you noticed but for a bit I've been Mabibeats.com Concert Coordinator for a bit now :hahaha: I'd like to thank Yasuno-senpai for giving me that title :happy::lovelove:
That was pretty fun and new for me that I enjoyed. :onegai: Anyways, I forgot to mention this the other time but if you have an older account you probably received 5 character cards. For those of you outside of Alexina and are major bards I highly recommend that you make one to come to our concerts. Those of you with an account pretty new and after a certain date are eligible to receive 6 character cards not sure how but it's something older accounts don't get so that's why they got 5. Anyone is free to correct me if I'm wrong.:megane: but do it in a nice and respectable manner or I'm going to be mean too :pissedmode::stfu:
Back to seriousness of this Forum I continue to encourage you to use a free card for Alexina so we can be friendly and closer community because this is one of the reasons for mabibeats and I know I already have people that are like family to me Lizvetta and that is because of Mabibeats :tralalalala:
besides having a concert alone isn't fun and it's lonely :sic: I would know I use to do them in my HS alone because I had no one that cared about music like me :sob:.
But that all changes so if you love music and you're alone on your server or even on Alexina please come to our concert. I'd be happy to make my family bigger :blush:.
The concert is Held on the Aelxina server on Channel 6 Emain Macha, Stage at the time 5pm Pacific/ 7pm Central/ 8pm Eastern

:byeb: Hope to see you there~!

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I used one of my free cards to make a character in Alexina, to participate in concerts and other things w/in this community.
Watched the last concert, even threw in a request, but didn't participate personally (due to lack of music lvls on new character)
but after a week of long training, I intend on performing a duet this next concert, (It'll actually be the first duet I personally composed)
So yeah, I'm really looking forward to that, and I hope we get a good turnout. also Poke, you can never have too many Onion Heads.


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