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I Swapped To Alexina!

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Just letting you all know I made a new character on the Alexina server (Previously From Mari) named: Phrasia

I'm going to be maining bard, and I'll now hopefully be able to participate in at least some of the concerts you guys have going!

Can't wait to see all of you ingame, maybe we can hang out some time? anyways I'm a "Green Bard" now, advancing fast!

Also I decided to buy a Tuan mount and 11 gachapon, most were just costumes (mainly female, I'm male),

But my second last one, I'd have to say was definitely worth it, here's an image of my new character and what I got:


Feel free to add me in game (Alexina: Phrasia), I'd love to catch up with you.

P.S. the above item is Not For Sale.

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