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[Alexina] Emain Concert 7/11/2015

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:bingo: Yo Concert at Emain Macha Stage~! Channel 6 like EVERY other time. 5pm Pacific 7pm Cental et 8pm Eastern
The Concert was originally started by the one we all love most because he the nicest and coolest giant around :blush:

That's right you guess it~! Viersell~! :lovelove:

Endewyn, Viersell, et XDEXOPPAI ( I hope I remembered that right) have now started a new guild called "Shiren"
Some of our favorite bards have joined them c: ME~! et Lizvetta (The me being one of your favorites was a joke :sic:)
"Shiren" if I remember what I was told means Bard in Chinesse and if you don't get context clues that means you have to be a bard to get into it (editing and stuff and/or really be into music).
Even though the Concert is Vierry's thing Shiren is gonna be spreading the word and love now :blush:

Alynnia80 is gonna be on her A game
So is Jain2 like they always are
Hate to be after them again

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