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Amiibos, your thoughts?

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Amiibos are a great idea. In fact, it's one of Nintendo's best ideas since N64 when they decided to make their own branded fighting game. I love the idea of buying toys that become animated when you integrate them with video games. And they can definitely be very helpful too, especially in competitive games like Super Smash Bros. The idea is solid, and so is what it's done so far.

However, I always felt the distribution, or rather the execution of said distribution, has been one of the worst I've seen. And it's usually not a fault on Nintendo's part. Hell, some unfortunate events happened in between that influenced the practice of what I'm about to describe. But rather, the retailers, horribly handled these.

Scalpers are ALL over Amiibos. The second an Amiibo gets announced? Scalpers trounce all over it. I mean, just ask Target. How did they get 1 million views on their site so fast? They wont tell you that it's because they are one of the worst retailers to handle Amiibo sales, I'll tell you that much!

You could say it's not so much retailers as it is the society of people today, and you may have a point, but if that's the case, I still feel both parties are at fault. Either way you slice it, people should not be making more profit selling Amiibos on eBay and Amazon than Nintendo is selling Amiibos in retailers, that's just my honest opinion.

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My thoughts on Amiibos (for smash at least) I kinda see them as a skylanders / Disney infinity clone imo ofc I don't have one myself having that mindset but after seeing training with them I personally think that there's no point in smash at least i've seen them and they are crap fighters compared to someone who is good (not me) that's all i think like Zero (smash player) could easily take one out :P   

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After having trained one as a decent player, I can confirm that you can make some terrifying-ass amiibos.  The pikachu and villager my bro and I have are some of the most annoying, brutal fighters we've fought.  Thing is, they remember everything that seems to work, as well as everything that doesn't, to counter whatever is thrown at them, so once they figure out someone's tactics, they won't lose to it again.  Throw in a couple players, train them against every character, and you've got a terrifying thing.

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Not only can you use these in Smash for Wii U, but it works with a lot of different games, especially even more now that they've been announced for more games at E3.

You'll be able to even give mario different costumes in Super Mario Maker, and give yoshi different yarn patterns in Yoshi's Wooly World.


Yarn patterns.




Goddamn these little toys learn quick.

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