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Mabinogi Concert (Alexina) 5/30/2015

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That's right folks~! it's time for that time of the Week for that concert in Emain Macha~! it takes TWO hours BEFORE the Banquet

So we start at 5pm Pacific Time/ 7pm Cental Time/ 8pm Eastern Time.

Bring you're favorite music and join the line :am:

Your Host will be: Viersell, Alynnia, and Pokemonher01 (ME~!)

This is none competitive but that doesn't mean you shouldn't bring the best you can c:

Location: Emain Macha, Stage

Channel: 6

We will remind you with a Bugle but remember you can still join whenever and we try to end before the Banquet Always fun to attend those~!

If you're not in Alexina sorry you can't be here and if you get the chance to create a character make it in Alexina You won't regret ask our friend Kyandoru who's now a permanent Alexina Resident :D

You won't regret it~!:happy:

Like always We ask no Overplay, Trolling, or Griefing.

We will blacklist you but we prefer to rather have a good time so don't be spoiled sports


Alynnia80 ALWAYS brings something to the table don't forget~!


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