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TF> shaman wig male (the girly one)


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So after the Inflation of NX in my country I am now not buying NX, (hope other people with the same problem stop getting NX, so they can realize how stupid the idea was!)

and ofc every freaking 3rd week or something there's a new outfit that look crap or just give me an "urgh" feeling, sometimes I can understand hats or even shoes but srsly they are usually bad. but I saw the wig right... then and there I knew that I needed it, finally a true cross dressing hairstyle, heck I bettya some girls want this wig :hahaha:, even if its not for cross dressing you could go get the kirito outfit for all I care and cosplay as the newer kirito!, however  I'm here to trade for such a wig, what do you want? Well from the top of m head I can give you a pilot uniform M .... thats all I can think of atm (not on mabi) but when I'm on mabi I will update but would appreciateit if you said you have one on offer thanks ! 

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We will see cx

​how about I do a mail trade with you? are you just happy with the one piece of clothing XD? other wise I'll add a list of stuff i can give you! and of course I will send the items too you first so your not at risk :P if you feel you are :P

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