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Sonic The Hedgehog songs for the genesis

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I could try Marble Zone. Depends on whether or not I actually like how it turns out. If I don't like it, I'll post it in this thread and see if you like it. If I do, I'll submit it in Music Hall.

As a bonus, I'll also do Emerald Hill Zone and Green Hill Zone, if they aren't already done yet. And then maybe Labyrinth.

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If you don't mind jams, the first four up there have been done! Metropolis Zone and Chemical Plant Zone were done by Quiversee here: http://mabibeats.com/8-person-ensembles/videogame/sonic-2-metropolis-zone-r27/ & http://mabibeats.com/6-person-ensembles/videogame/sonic-2-chemical-plant-zone-r16/, and I just finished up a Marble Zone here: http://mabibeats.com/3-person-ensembles/videogame/sonic-the-hedgehog-marble-zone-r107/ .

Edit: And finally, here's Star Light Zone: http://mabibeats.com/2-person-ensembles/videogame/sonic-the-hedgehog-star-light-zone-r272/

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