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Simplified Guide to defeat G21 Talvish

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This boss can catch people off guard because of the unique mechanics of the fight.

I will share this simplified Guide of handling him.



1. Dual Guns (Way of the Gun is not stopped by Talvish's Unique Passive Defenses). Average of better is best.

2. 600+ Str and Int, to deal good dmg.

3. R5+ Way of the Gun, and R3+ Gun Mastery, to deal more damage and have more Way of Gun time.

4. IMPORTANT. Buy 5 Guardian Crystals from the Adventure Seal Trader. (Nao Stones or other means of revival work)

5. Optional: Have 5+ HP Potions, preferably 300 or more.

6. Have Demigod and Wings of Eclipse, with a few ranks. No need to waste Brionac Durability in this battle.

7. IMPORTANT. Have at least 800 HP.



Phase 1

1. Start by Entering Demigod, Wings of Eclipse, and Way of the Gun inmediately, and start hitting the boss.

When he does a normal attack, you can either tank it with Eclipse, or avoid it by running to his back. (hard to do, hence why Eclipse is very useful)

2. When they do the 5 Swords Attack, stop all attacks, run below him, and use Shield of Trust to not die instantly. then keep hitting.

3. When they do the "prophecy attack", PANIC. Then run to him and do Windmill, once or twice if you see it not stopping the attack.

The reason to Panic is because if it hits you, you are locked from using Shield of Trust, so you WILL die to his next Step 2 attack.

NOTE: Celestial Spike is also able to stop this attack, but usually its not fast enough from personal experience.

4. Eventually, the boss will reach 80% HP. after dealing the last attack, run to one of the corners to hide, since

the dialogue and cutscene wont stop the boss from killing you unfairly.


Phase 2

1. After you get turned into Nascent mode, start hitting him with normal attacks, be sure to hit him with max gauge each time you can.

each correct gauge hit will give you a number below you, which is important for Step 

2. When the boss does the 5 Swords attack, stop all attacks, run below him, and use Shield of Trust.

3. When they do the "prophecy attack", PANIC. You cant do Windmill on this transformation, so you can try Celestial Spike...but most likely you wont be fast enough.

This means, you WILL die in his next Step 2 attack.

4. Whenever he hits you with his Step 3 attack, dont worry. Keep hitting him all you can, and be sure to not die during this step. Your goal is to

have as many Stacks as possible before he does his Step 2 attack.

5. When you "feel" he is going to, or when you see he doing his Step 2 attack, and you cant stop it,

inmediately use Nova Obliteration, which will hit him for a big amount of damage, depending on the amount of stacks collected

through the fight it should deal 8-15% of his HP in one go. (Your normal attacks at max gauge should be dealing around 0.5% each)

You will then die. 

6. Revive by any of the means you have, then press the Nascent skill from your Skill List, and you will notice...

Nova Obliteration recovered from cooldown! This only happens in this fight.

7. Repeat Steps 1-6 until the boss' HP goes below 30%. Normally you should die around 0 times in Phase 1, and around 2 times on Average on Phase 2.



Phase 1. Use Normal Guns if you dont have a particularly strong alternate option. Use Wings of Eclipse to not waste revives on this early phase.

Phase 2. Have some revives to use here whenever you fall prey to his Crusader skill-lock, and use them to recover use of Nova Obliteration.




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