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New To Music/MML, Help?

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I spent quite some time looking for Carry On My Wayward Son, and only found a short part of it and the midi file. So I decided to just use 3mle... The thing is, I'm new to mabinogi as well and can only compose up to rank D (had a little bit of donations from a random nice person to afford the 3rd book). Is it there a way to skip measures instead of using a bunch of r1s? x-x The attachment is what I have so far, well delete the first ">" and it sounds ok on a lute. 

Suggestions and tips would be lovely.

Here it is without any volume adjustments (I use v10 on melody, and v15 on the harmonies >>)


It cuts of parts in rank d, and i can't afford rank c which would be perfect fit.  All of those r1s in a row is getting to me >>

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:bingo:Well you can shorten the r1s by placing an L1 before you start your break there, then you could just leave it as an r, like so:


Takes up a lot less space! just remember the place the l4 back at the end of the break, though you don't seem to have any notes without lengths in this code, so you could just leave it there.

A short explanation on the L, it adjusts all notes that follow afterwards to the length of the variable placed after the L. You can save up a lot of space if you're using many notes in a row that are the same length!

Hope this helps!:byeb:

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An easy way to cut down on unnecessary characters is to optimize your tracks.  Optimizing your MML basically lets the editor reduce the amount of letters, numbers, and other things that your MML is composed of while keeping the song intact.  In this case, optimizing your rank C MML would turn it into a rank D MML, because a lot of unnecessary writing was removed.  You can do so by checking the Optimize MML box when you copy MMLs to your clipboard.  You can also optimize each individual track by right clicking the desired tab (Track 1, Track 2, etc.) and clicking Optimize Track, but I'd recommend only optimizing when you actually copy a song into Mabi, and keeping the raw non-optimized MML for later editing.

I'm no musician so I'm terribly clueless with terminology, but I'll try to help out a bit.  When composing in MML, you can set the lengths of your notes using l (lowercase L). Examples like l1, l2, l4, l8, l16, l32, and l64.

By default, note lengths are at l4, so you do not need to add a 4 after a note.  For example at the beginning, r4e8f8g8>c8r8<b8r8g8r8g4, the beginning r4 and g4 have unneeded 4's, so removing those would freed up two characters.  But because there's noticeably more 8 notes in there, let's use that same sequence but with L8.  r4e8f8g8>c8r8<b8r8g8r8g4 -> l8r4efg>cr<brgrg4.  Both of these will look the same in 3MLE, but less characters were used and that means more characters can be fit into a scroll.

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