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Hello MabiBeats Community! -Finalwish

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-takes a deep breath and muster up the nerves to speak-

Hello everyone!

I am Finalwish (Wishy) from the Tarlach server. I have heard of Mabibeats before, but this time around I decided to make an account to hopefully contribute to the site! As of now, being new and all, I am not sure how everything works so help would be wonderful.

I do love music a lot which I believe we already have something in common! I hope to get to know you guys more! 

~Wishy -takes another deep breath and passes out- x///x 


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:hi: Welcome to the site Wishy! Hope you feel well and fit right in amongst us! :happy:

My goodness Kui, you always see the opportunity to comment first~ :nani: But anywho~


 Welcome to the Mabibeats community, Wishy! :hi: I hope you enjoy your stay and you are brave to make an introduction for yourself. :bingo:

​Thanks to the both of you! 

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Yay, another Tarlachian xD
Plus one ive seen around alot!

Hi there. I am the rare magical breed of both Tarlachian and Alexinian :D
See ya around~

​Hey hey Reihoken~ 

I have seen you around as well. TARLACHIANS MUST STICK TOGETHER -places glue on my hand and hold yours- C:< 


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