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[Mabinogi Music] Aquaris's uploads

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(Just a warning that I have lost some codes due to moving my files.)

Frozen~ Let it Go- I had rescued this mml from the Nexon forums actually! (I have submitted the code to the library, by the way, so you don't need to search through the comments to see where I shared the code.



Dream of Mirror Online~ Eversun City - One of the mml's I lost in my transfer. I needed to fix it, and now all I have are the base files. And no audio detector. I hate windows.



Okami~ The Sun Rises - This was my submission to the RHF Bard competition last year, the code for which was eatten by my move ;^;


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Bad video code :U (Youtube removed the old embed code. ;; ) Then the videos decided to work.
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It wasn't a PDF, I had asked the video poster if he had the sheets for it, and he informed me that he no longer had them. It was literally transposing each note into a sheet music program from the video. Let me see if i can't find the video I was working from, though!

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The only thing I remember currently was that it was a string orchrestra. INTO MY WATCH HISTORY I GO WOOO *dies at the 1k+ videos*


Here's the video I was working from though, I got to the 0:45-:50 mark before I gave up. The notes are clear enough that it's possible, it is, however, just extremely time consuming.


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