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To all my fellow composer friends and fans that enjoyed my mabi music i will most likely quit the game and with that also stop composing music for it. I thank you all for the support and i hope that what i uploaded will bring u guys joy and fun for years to come. Even tho im rather quiet here and dont rly use the forum i still had fun making the music for everybody.
Might check from time to time here but will prolly vanish completely at some point. 

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I've felt the same for longer than I'd be proud to admit. Simply put, Mabinogi is really not interesting anymore. It's kind of become a monotonous slog as of late, and even remembering to get on has become more and more of a chore as time goes on. I recently had to make a difficult decision recently because composing music for this game was really what kept me going on this game, and if I stopped playing entirely, then my passion for composing music for this game will have also stopped. In the end, I think I made the better decision, because as much as I liked composing music and sharing it for everyone on Mabinogi to hear, I've got my own life circumstances to handle, and I can't be bothered to play a boring game that, unsurprisingly, fewer people are playing to be able to listen to what I craft anyways. And I couldn't quit the game and still continue composing pieces for this game because by doing so, I'm still unintentionally attaching myself to the game, and detaching myself is something I voluntarily want to do. So if I post any pieces from here on out, it's likely work I've already completed and couldn't bother to upload because time constraints or lazy.

The important part is if you've got bigger fish to fry, head straight to the grill and start off a nice barbecue. Also invite Sigurd, if you can. Basically, focus on what's really important: Your own life, or a dying MMORPG.

PS: Before anyone asks, I won't sell my account, or fodder off my gear for paypal, because honestly, I see no point in it. I enjoyed my time on this game while it was still fresh and people were still playing on it, so it wasn't a complete waste. And I didn't really spend that much money on this game, all things considered. And I'm not so desperate for money that I have to milk out all my gear for what it's worth. So if anyone wants my gear, I'm not going to part with it. And if someone wants a strong character, go get strong yourself. It's really not hard nowadays with all of the talent resets and AP the game's been giving away like candy.


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