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Pake users on the loose: Be warned.

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Afk in your homestead. Make sure to afk with all of your important items stripped off in your gear tab.

There's several pakers running rampant, at least in Tarlach server. I don't know about other servers. They've been seen killing other users even with their pvp turned off. They have also been seen killing NPCs.

If you see any suspicious activity, start your recording device and film them, and send it to a moderator on the official nexon forums.

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THAT'S what that was?

I saw some random spam-killing someone in Tir with a battle pegasus AoE Spawn attack, i thought it was EvG.

Shit, i should watch myself.

probably just dullahan trash

But everyone should probably be careful.

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There's a few on Alexina, or so I've heard. Of course, they don't kill players/afk players with their pvp turned off or NPCs, but when I afk it's usually in my HS unless on talking to someone and I know I'm coming right back.

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Do you want more weird things? :'D I have plenty... ...

Purple Diamond Wings,
Pure Black Diamond Wings... Seen it all on Alexina

tons of items that aren't dyeable got hacked and I know its the perpetrators of pake behind it but nexon already killed em on our server since I promptly stalked them to their downfall.

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-sighs- Too bad that the report function AND customer support has been broken for months now, and if we report this on Nexon forums it gets taken down because it counts as FUD. The pake degenerates (I can guess some of them off the top of my head btw) probably realized this and they are capitalizing on Nexon's "quality service". I also took down a lot of dirty scumbags back in the day but now Nexon is screwing themselves over.

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I have noticed this issue the moment the npc started dying. I spoke with my friends about this issue and gathered some information that might be useful. I will post the photo here so players can be aware of the situation and try to prevent themselves from being blackrobed. 

How Blackrobe Works.jpg

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Why do I get the feeling I'm the only ruairian on the website so far. Eep. As for suspicious activity, on Ruairi its been narrowed down to a guild who seems to enjoy doing this.

What I find amazing is that the other servers are having hacking problems currently. Normally its Ruairi that has these problems.

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most ppl i see here alexina ;c, .....do i start the server merge topic now D;?jk


but ya, most "hackers" are REALLY stupid, and i mean REALLY, or as older players call them; scr1pt k1ddies, cuz they're total morons abt it and publicly do it and act like they god for doing so. The true hackers RARELY did anything public, altho a few are the trolls who release the pake stuff >>;, i knew one of them, then he got banned and went out in a huge show, even said gj for nexon for banning  him 2 years after he announced it publicy, cuz he wanted to qui, but then again this was during nexons rock bottom phase

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