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How's everyone doing?

Concert or no concert  

  1. 1. Concert or nah

    • Sure thing! Let's bring back the good'ol times!
    • No thanks, I'm fine with what we have here.

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Well, Hello everyone!

Just posting this to see how everyone is doing :)

I haven't been around in Mabinogi for almost a couple years up until now.

I also haven't made any recent scores also but that might change.


I recently got on at 4/22/2018, seeing how Mabi has been. Looking around at the places I've spent hours on. One of them being the Concert Stage.

I was wondering if the concerts are still happening or if the bard community in Mabibeats is still active. If you guys are up for it, we can arrange a concert for next week!

Anyways, I'll see you guys around Mabi.



Soon, I'll be uploading a piece from Steins Gate titled, "Gate of Steiner". 

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I haven't played mabi in years instead I just joined MS2's grand opening and just found this website for the music. This is a fantastic website, a shame it wasn't around back when I played mabi ages ago. I hope we get more songs uploaded for MS2 people are dancing and having fun. It's such a fun game and this website makes it possible.

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