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People Belonging to which server in-game

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Something which I have wanted to do long ago, I would like to know which of us

plays Mabinogi, in which server.

that, to get people on the servers which dont have too much musical organization (read: not Alexina), to organize ourselves

into hanging out more often.




Character Name- Server

Alt Name- Alt Server


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My main and alts are listed in my signature. But just in case for whatever reason my signature can't be seen.

Tarlach: Reihoken (Level: 11366 -- Retired, Side Char) | Alexina: Tetsaiken (Level: 15xx - Side Char)
Ruairi: Holyn (Level: 11xxx -- New Main) | Mari: Mistolten (Level: 15xx - Side Char)

Keep in mind, however, that I primarily play on Ruairi server, and I seldomly if ever use my other characters. (Though I have been getting on Mari on occasion lately)

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