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  1. Aluxes

    Memories of Lightwaves

    to extend it you have to put it in a loop cause the song at the most notes is only 800 notes, making a song loop is not super fun to do. and it is tricky cause max limit is 1200 so you cannot do an entire loop.
  2. only a bit of the problem. the piano part is quick notes which mabi cello cant do but the cello part is easy to do but would have to be a duet. someone has to play the piano. the cello part is only 1010 notes
  3. Aluxes

    Sega Eternal Champions

  4. Aluxes

    The Cure - Just like Heaven

  5. Aluxes

    Berserk - Guts

  6. Aluxes

    People Belonging to which server in-game

    Alexina. Aluxes99 i use to do concerts way back when. last time i did one was 5 years ago. i am trying to get people to do a big one. but every time i get people they are never on. you can utube aluxes and see some of the old ones.
  7. Aluxes

    Warcraft 2 - Orc 4

  8. Aluxes

    Camouflage - The Great Commandment

  9. Aluxes

    Daddy Dj

  10. Aluxes

    Josh Guru - Infinity

  11. Aluxes


  12. Aluxes

    Apocalyptica - Farewell

  13. Aluxes

    Meatloaf - Objects in the Rear View Mirror

  14. Aluxes


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