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do people not know that jam band parties are guaranteed play without hamelins and dont require tuners?

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still seeing people with jam parties saying that you need a hamelin tuner to join and stuff and people saying they dont have a high enough rank to play your scores, but jam band is now guaranteed success play.
just thought it'd be nice to leave this here.

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Freestyle jam is a guaranteed success play, jam band however is not. It is still very much possible to fail when using playing instrument or the jam band action without a Hamelin's tuner. They are still good for playing harp or piano when you don't want others joining in or for traditional jam sessions. However a lot of people like the new freestyle jam enough to not need a Hamelin's tuner anymore.

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Here is another video demonstrating that auto play is not on. Assuming that auto play means repeat instrument.

We are all running a mod-free version of Mabinogi.

If there really is a way to get guaranteed successful plays, then some proof would be appreciated.

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