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Looks like Sabina will finally get her just desserts.

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As if random bans on forums for 0 reason with 0 warnings wasn't petty enough the child calling herself "Community Manager" decided to give the currently impossible to obtain best 2 hander in the game to a player. The Soluna Blade.

Posts about it on forums are unsurprisingly being deleted about it on forums as it is a crime against God to speak against the divine mods of the Nexon forums, and people posting about it are being banned. Whether it's permaban or temporary it's hard to say since on my end I can't even log in to see if there's a ban duration, or reason for the ban (Implying they need a good reason)

So yea. Thanks to our beloved unhygienic twilight reject of a community manager some guy on Ruairi is running around with a sword that shouldn't exist in the game until years later of blood, sweat, and tears of farming and grinding, and is silencing everyone who speaks out against the blatant unfairness like a true embodiment of bias and corruption.

Why go through the trouble of making a new forums if they will be treated the same way as the older forums? Sabina, enjoy losing your job. It's long overdue with how your unprofessional and childish behavior is.

The more attention this (specifically the reddit thread) gets the faster the nexon forums can go back to being a corruption-free zone with 1 less attention whore to worry about, and maybe we may get a new community manager who is actually willing to do their job correctly and not pick favorites by literally tarnishing the balance of the game by putting 1 player above the rest because he kisses ass more than the others.

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The only thing that I question is the chance that they may have made it on their own.  I'll assume not, since I have no idea where the hell to get a manual, but if it's in-game, it's unlikely but possible to have gotten the mats by now, assuming they've been doing around-the-clock grinding with a full party of willing friends, in both rabbie phantasm AND alban knights training ground..

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Ignoring the topic title, I'll post the hilariously late update and report that Sabina resigned. She said she "found a brand new opportunity".

Now before I go on, I will say that while I was never directly involved with the Soluna fiasco, I was never a really big fan of Sabina to begin with. She just seemed too much of a glutton for attention.

But, I found it humorous that she mentioned this detail literally right after the Soluna fiasco. Like, she miraculously found a new job and it just so happened to have lined up right after the scandal that happened on Ruairi server! It's too much of a coincidence. In fact, it's so coincidential that it's suspicious.

I especially like the fact she specifically stated that she didn't get fired in one of her last posts, which makes likelihood of her getting fired and her trying to save her precious image so that she doesn't look like a loser when she leaves even more highly likely.

Either way, it's water under the bridge, and we have a new CM now. His name (his? her? I don't know the gender, and I don't care so long as he doesn't repeat Sabina's awful blunders) is Saygo, and from the looks of things, he's at least putting in effort to understand the game first hand (making a character from scratch and building it even). There's a first step in the right direction, at least.

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