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  1. Pyrrus

    Bach - Sonata No.1 (Part 4, Final), Presto

  2. Pyrrus

    Bach - Sonata No.1 (Part 3), Siciliano

  3. Pyrrus

    Bach - Sonata No.1 (Part 2), Fugue

  4. Pyrrus

    Bach - Sonata No.1 (Part 1), Adagio

  5. Pyrrus

    Schubert - Trio op.100 Andante

  6. Pyrrus


    I've been playing Mabinogi on and off since 2008-ish, one of the first things that got me playing for hours was being able to play music, not composing though. That was before music had magical properties *im old * ... Anyway, I'm not a bard in game, I'm an archer! I really enjoy that people can play music in game but most of what people play I dont recognize, I dont watch all that much anime, I've seen a few though! So I've taken it upon myself to compose music from MIDIs I find online. I love this website when I found it yesterday when I started my research into composing (even though i can't in game). I'm so glad Mabi still has a thriving community and even though I mostly dont play this game anymore I still want to give back!
  7. Pyrrus

    Schubert - Ave Maria

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