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  • Monster Hunter Generations - Bherna Village

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      Intermediate (5K Notes) Vibraphone

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      Thanks for taking the time to view my submission! This is my 1st transcription done by ear and then ported to Maple Beats. I'll be submitting my other 2 transcriptions shortly! If you want to check them out and, any of my future transcriptions, check out my youtube channel!

      ***YOUTUBE LINK***

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    Sounds really good for Transcription

    Thanks for the submission :D

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    It has such homey tune to it , really like it!

    I never knew about Monster Hunter and that it has such homey cheerful music going to look for more mh music!

    Response from the author:

    Hellll yeahhh, MHX had some great music! I can't remember the 4U OST but, man, that series is just so great. Anyways, I might do more Monster Hunter OST in the future so if you like what you hear, make sure to check out my channel! I only transcribe my own MIDIs by ear!

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