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  • Banjo Kazooie - Gruntilda Battle Theme

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      Part 1 Beginner (3K Notes) Guitar

      Part 2 Beginner (3K Notes) Clarinet

      Part 3 Beginner (3K Notes) Ocarina

      Part 4 Beginner (3K Notes) Cymbals

      Part 5 Beginner (3K Notes) Timpani

      Part 6 Intermediate (5K Notes) Trumpet

      Part 7 Maestro (10K Notes) Violin

      Part 8 Beginner (3K Notes) Xylophone

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      Playing solo? Why?! With your guild or a group of friends is way better!


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    deserves more views after 2 years of being here. My song isn't this good, and reached half the views in a couple weeks!

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