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  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky - Defy the Legends REMIX by GrovyleDDV

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      Part 1 Beginner (3K Notes) Pick Bass Guitar

      Part 2 Beginner (3K Notes) Clarinet

      Part 3 Maestro (10K Notes) Tom Tom

      Part 4 Maestro (10K Notes) Timpani

      Part 5 Beginner (3K Notes) Cello

      Part 6 Beginner (3K Notes) Violin

      Part 7 Intermediate (5K Notes) Trumpet

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      Author Comment

      I found this song in a batch of midis while looking for something else and had to do some intense digging to find the source and creator

      The creator has unlisted all of his videos and ghosted his channel completely, so I will not be linking the video out of respect for him however I will still credit him in the Title of the song.


      This is a Remix of Defy the Legends (vs. Regigigas) from Explorers of Sky/Time/Darkness, which itself is a remix of Vs. Rayquaza from Red/Blue Rescue. funny that remix in a remix

      Substitutes that still sound goodish

      Cello - Piano

      TomTom - Timpani

      Trumpet - Trombone, Saxophone

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    A Remix within a Remix



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