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    Hi all,

    Me and Couch are looking for some SSR's (Song Submission Review Team) to help us keep up with the approval queue. Now that full release for MapleStory 2 is coming we expect it to pick up even more. The queue is already usually at 60+ so if you are not able to give to much time to this role please do not apply at this time.

    There is not a "quota" but you should be able to spend a few hours a week total on helping us approve music submissions. The SSR role is split between Mabinogi Only, and MapleStory 2 only.

    This is all volunteer work obviously, but you will get a pretty color / rank in Discord and on the site. :P

    You can apply here if you are interested in helping us out: Apply Here

    *Note: The applications are private, only me and couch will be able to see your application submission.

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