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Selling items returning to game party

Altam Armor offer
Dragon shield r2
1 Holiday gift joe piece
Flash launcher training pot (sold)
Synergy magma volcano cylinder
Solo(Es) Astin gloves 2mil (sold)
Common fabric bag
Guardian/colonels Es scroll expired
Safeguard/wave Es scroll expired
Phoenix knight bracelet f and hat thing
1 double fighter training 1day 450k
2 double magic training 1day (sold)
2 double alch training 1day (sold)
2 double warrior training 1day (held and sold)
3 double puppeteer training 1day
1 double gunner training 1day (sold)
1 Eternal rest book
2 5x10 javelin bag
2 5x6 bolt bag
1 R1 bdk sword
1 no rank bdk bow
1 Pure blk Phoenix feather sword (sold)
1 White Feather Sword (sold)
1 Fine gem powder (sold)
1 rusty hammer prof (sold)
1 Plat hammer of dura (sold)
1 Spell book repair feather
4 thick thread ball bag
2 fine fabric bag
1 cobweb pouch (sold)
1 common leather
1 of each neam and macha chat bubble sticker
1 fine silk bag
1 thin thread ball bag
2 finest leather bag
1 common fabric
1 Finest fabric bag
2 fine leather bag

Sweethearts flight
Devil gloves m
Hamlins tuner
Demon gloomy Sunday

In market for current prices
carasek bag (was told 10-15 mil)
trinity wear m
premium winter newbie wear giant (robe with cat ears on hood)

Thank you in advance

Ign Viersell
Message me here please.

Edited by Viersell
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