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Hi, I recently found the American forum for mabinogi songs.

I'm Naninogi, going by Naninogi in Alexina server. I use 3ML editor 2 for songs. As of now, my composition rank is in... rank 9 due to having fresh new start to Mabinogi as well (roughly 2 weeks in after creation and playing few hours during the game allowing only 2 hr gameplay time). I tend to jump between different games, but Mabinogi seems like a fun game. Thanks :)

Fun fact: I'm Korean, and the name Naninogi isn't derived from the japanese word "nani?", but actually from one of my family member saying "what is this mang-nani-nogi game" which translate to what is this mucker/scallywag (or dumb) - game due to not reading properly (its 마비노기, but he read 망나니노기 = looks somewhat similar?).

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Congrats! You've just discovered a hidden trove of thousands of songs created specifically for a game that most, if not all, of us have a common ground on!

But yes, welcome to MabiBeats. Open arms to you. \o/

Seeing that you've r9 Composing, feel free to ask around if there's any submission past said rank that you'd like to have scored.

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