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Alexina Emain Macha Concert (EU) 1/9/2016

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As my previous question was answered so enthusiastically to hold a concert earlier during the day for the EU timezone Mabi players, it would be my great honor to host it for the first time this Saturday at 7PM British Time (8PM for mainlaind Europe). That's 2 PM for America's East coast and 11 AM for Pacific. I look forward to seeing you all in emain Macha at the stage. Rules are as follows:

1) No overplay/PVP in the area. If you want to play music or fight make sure you're far enough away from the stage that it doesn't disturb the event.

2) Do not get on the stage unless you are part of the performing party. It's very rude to the performers when others interrupt them.

3) Have fun~!

The lines will be the same as Viersell and Poke's concerts. While facing the stage right hand side is Solo Queue. Left Side is for Jam Parties. For those intending to play a jam, have one of your members stand in the solo line to hold the jam's place in performance lineup. 

Hope to see you in two days! 

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