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Zincathon's B/S List~


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Assuming those are r3 forges;

750k Circlet
750k Shoes
500k gloves

Are those fair prices? I don't have enough money right now, but I'm pretty sure I can make enough in a single day to get 3 out of the 4. That is, if you're in a rush to sell these. O:

I already have the Robe, so that is covered for me. I just need the other parts.

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Eh, that's still managable. It'll just take me a bit longer to get there.

As I'm wondering before, are those in a rush to be sold? I make a daily living off of potent finest shadow crystals, so each run earns me 250k each. (I tend to double duty with 2 PCs so I get twice the rewards)

It'll take me probably one whole day if I do a marathon.

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