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So here's a funny story.

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I got unbanned 3 days ago from my permaban on mabi forums, thanks to a tiny chat I had with Sabina. I will admit, I was kinda cheerful when I did get unbanned, but then I quickly remembered that the state the forums was in before I was banned and when I returned was the same. Mods moving/deleting threads incorrectly,  and having bias on certain threads over others. I wasn't going to say anything until I noticed that twice my threads were moved in less than a minute to incorrect forum sections ( one was an endgame player question and the other a social mabi food thread that somehow didn't belong in general???), and then I saw a thread about sexual harassment, completely in the wrong section (general) and going strong for 14 pages. I was baffled at how idiotic this sad moderation was deemed acceptable and just, so naturally I made a thread questioning the moderators.

No offenses thrown, no profanity or insults, just me questioning and providing constructive criticism. Just like that, I was banned once again. Back to permaban btw.

It's funny because on that thread someone said I might get banned again for questioning the mods while another said "He can't get banned over simply questioning them, otherwise they would be tyrants". To which I responded "That's debatable". Looks like my response was prophetic, as I was promptly and unjustly banned once again from the nexon forums. I really don't know if they just see me as a threat to their ego or something. If so then they are easily deconstruct-able and fragile internet warriors.

I found it hilarious how hellbent they are to protect their fragile sense of "authority" that they have to delete any posts questioning them. Just like a scumbag politician, or those deushbag cops who hunt people down for tickets instead of being a productive part of the community. Come Thursday when the GMs come over I'll personally give Sabina this message: 

"As long as you and your mods decide to act like tyrants, covering up your biased actions and deleting any posts questioning you, don't bother unbanning me again. I don't put up with corruption. You should know this by now. Feel free to unban me when you and your mods change your bias and become more than just the final nails on the coffin of the dead forums you have created."


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Speaking from experience, it would like to say that it is sometimes hard to decide what is the right course of action as a moderator (though there haven't been any serious issues on these forums so far). In this particular case, it's hard to say that I wouldn't have done the same. This is how it probably looked to them

  1. You were a troublemaker in the past and got banned.
  2. Since you were a troublemaker before, they are going to be skeptical of you for a while.
  3. You wrote something that could be interpreted as an attack or as constructive criticism. However, because of #2, they immediately assumed it was just an attack.

Obviously, I don't know the details of your circumstances, but I will say that the people I consider banning are the ones that make my job harder for me. The people that make my job harder are the ones that cause pointless arguments or drama. I believe when you first joined, a tiny bit of drama followed you here from those very forums so there's probably bias against you from the moderator's perspective from that.

Also, I would like to point out that most forums do have a rule about not openly arguing with or criticizing a moderator. It's usually encouraged to send private messages if there's an issue and escalate it further (like to an administrator) if the moderator is being unreasonable in private as well. If the admin is a shithead, then you're outta luck, but then again, you probably shouldn't be in that community in the first place.


I got nothing on the crappy thread moving though. Probably lack of attention and no higher authority keeping them in line.


EDIT: By the way, I thought I should mention your post actually set off a bunch of moderation alarms in my head. This kind of thread can easily devolve into stupid drama so I was very tempted to just lock it immediately. I'll give it a chance, but the moment I notice it heading south, it's getting locked.

EDIT2: Don't send that message. I guarantee they will think you're an idiot and just laugh about it.

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Thanks for your thoughts. If their jimmies are easily rustled thanks to constructive critisim then I don't see any issue telling them their forums are dead due to their tyranny. Its not like they will change their ways but they will have to live with that guilt for as long as they have that sad ego. I knew I was going to have an eye on me, but what happened during the course of those 3 days wasn't exactly an "eye". It was a clutch. I couldn't post in the sections I wanted, without them moving it to absurd areas and If I spoke out against it, they would delete it. Somewhere in their little world they think they rule the internet. Also the reason why I didn't bother trying to use the contact mod section since they never reply to that. 

Like this thread and the apparent thread on nexon forums that got me banned, my intention wasn't to turn everyone against the mods. If I wanted to do that it would have been done by now. Too easy to do actually. I have too much dirt on them. My intentions was simply to urge them to make the forums a more enjoyable experience instead of a corrupted concentration camp of tyrants. I've seen them be good moderators, and by that I don't mean attention whoring as much as possible, I mean warnings, statements of their moving/deleting actions, and most importantly, actively participating in threads. That pathetic coward Dealer decided to post after I was banned about me. If you have moderator powers, what do you have to fear? To be that fragile and scared proves you aren't fit to be a beneficiary part of the community and instead a snake lurking in the shadows trying to bite anyone who rustles your jimmies. They can laugh, but im not the one running a dead forum.

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