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Audio Glitches when Many people?

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Oh, I see.

Thank you so much for informing me this.

Banquets now will be a no-no for concert-like playing. ♥

If you want you could always come to Alexina for that
We have a lot of people but, just last night on Channel 6 that overplay wasn't bad at all. I think overplay happened maybe 3 times but you couldn't notice it. Usually people are nice about it and are willing to do some form of order. That order being "Who ever can start their song off first after the person playing finishes wins"

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ha ha ikr?

Thats also how it kind of works in Ch2 Mari.

What I do is bring my friends to a corner where we dont bother anyone and, if anyone hears it and is atteacted to the music,

they can come too...last week we got plenty of audience >///>

This week was good too. <3




One of us~! One of us~!
I wish we could make like a room like a Stage
The Professional Stages and have it so all channels can enter. I'd rent that out for Concerts on Saturday just so all of us Mabibeat people can play music together.
That is my Mabinogi Dream. To have all cards come and play music and we all didn't have to loose anything.

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