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Girl Hair F Beauty Coupon x1
Soft Perm M Beauty Coupon x2
Girlish Twin Tail Beauty F Coupon x1
Millia Hair F Beauty Coupon x1
Two Block Hair Beauty Coupon M x1
Mushroom Hair M Beauty Coupn x1
Ribbon Hair F beauty coupon x4
Half Updo Hair M Beauty Coupon x1
Wavelet Twin Tail F Beauty Coupon x1
Warrior Hair M Beauty Coupon x2
Laertes Hair M Beauty Coupon x1
Sporty Cut M Beauty Couponx1
Dowra Hair Coupon x1
Sinead Hair F Beauty Coupon x1
Mad Paris Coupon M Beauty Coupon x1

Cute Animal Mouth x4
Dissatisfied Mouth x 6
Airy Cheek Mouth x 4
Super Sour Mouth x2
Playful Teasing x9
Vigilant Mouth x5
Small Animal Mouth x4
Smirking Mouth x3
Mischevious Mouth x5

Stargazing x 7
Observant x5
Rag Doll x8
Chic City Slicker x1
Serene Eyes x7
Unfocused x2
Innocent x8
Determined x8
Starlight x9
Heart-Filled x5
Emaciated x 6

Shooting Star Faces
Giant F x2
Giant M x5
Elf M x7
Elf F x2
Human,Partner M x4
Human, Partner F x4

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