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Hey there guys I am selling a lot of shamala trans coins in Blevast today, along with some other stuff. Here is the Items For sale following their price value.

Shamala NPC Transformation Coins:

2 Roden- 200k each

Muro- 75k

Buchanan - 135k

Caitin - 345k

Yoff - 300k

Cai - 650k

Siobhanin - 125k

Rumon - 245k

3 Tracy - 50k each

Belita - 450k

Hans - 350k

Master tin - 220k

Rosencratz - 235k 

Glenis - 260k

Claudius - 320k


Hamlets scared wig - 150k 


Antonios costume (g15) - 800k

Laerte's Gloves - 150k


2 Homestead bamboo 10k each


I am will be on my shop for most of the day , but if I do Leave the name of the shop is Trans coins and will have a red Kagamine Rin Plushie.

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