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Don't you ever want something more to do in Mabi. Like when you get "done" with your life and you want to takeout anger, sadness. boredom, etc. I want to be able to go into a mission like a SM and just DESTROY a mimic town like Tara, Dun, Fila places like these, maybe even just landscapes like the ruins and dragon bones.  I want to see the absolute destruction of just... places. Not that im a psycho, im just fascinated with ruins.  Think about using a skill on a wall and then the wall crumbles/explodes/melts/implodes/whatever.  Just a "in the shower" thought.  Maybe have strong to weak monsters that try to kill you.  :01145202-2-54404:  Just think about it and post in the comments your thoughts of approval or disapproval.

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