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Ivy's Skill Guide To: Adventure


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Please note that this guide assumes you already know about Combat Power (CP) and basic information regarding player stats. If you don't, I recommend you first take a look at Falaflame's guide, or the Mabinogi Wikia.

(Information and pictures from the mabinogi wiki  have also been used to complement this guide.)

1. Overview.

The adventure talent is one of exploration. It encourages the player to travel, but does not provide any combat bonuses. This talent thus cannot be chosen by characters on their first life.

Let's have a look at the different skills this class has to offer :

Rest.png Rest: Enables the player to sit down, recovering Stamina, Mana and boosting up the wound recovery rate. The position changes at ranks 9, 5 and 1, and also varies by clothing/equipment worn, as well as race and gender.

  • Rest will not recover wound points in a Dungeon, unless the user is in the dungeon lobby, seated next to a Campfire or on a Chair.
  • Using the Rest skill by certain props, such as a bench in the Commonwealth of Belvast or using a chair, will make a character sit on it, providing an additional 50% bonus.
  • Resting around a Campfire will increase the effects of the Rest skill.
  • Stamina recovery stacks with Enduring Melody and the Pet Cloud's summon effect.
  • The skill is currently capped to rank 7.

Campfire.png Campfire: Enables the player to make a campfire using firewood or a campfire kit.

  •  When using Rest near a campfire, the effects of rest are increased, and consuming any food will prompt the player to share it with other resting players.
  • The regeneration bonuses of a chair will override the regeneration bonuses of the campfire; the bonuses do not stack.
  • Using any Archery Skill with a Bow next to a campfire will light up the arrowhead, increasing its damage by 50%.
  • Crossbows and Atlatls are unaffected by this, however.
  • Scoring a Critical with a burnt arrowhead rewards "the Fire Arrow" title.
  • When lit, the fire element is provided, regardless of other elements one has enchanted their items with.
  • Some Cooking methods require a source of heat, which a campfire can be used for.
  • Some items can be burned at a campfire by dragging and dropping the item onto the campfire, rewarding the player a small amount of Experience.
  • Enchants can be extracted from an item by burning it with a Mana Herb and a Holy Water of Lymilark in the user's possession.
  • Building a campfire with higher grade firewood (Average Firewood, Fine Firewood, and Finest Firewood) increases the campfire's effectiveness.
  • Campfire can be built in the open field, Dungeons, Shadow Missions, or Theater Missions.
  • Campfire cannot be built inside buildings.
  • A Campfire, when built, becomes an obstacle; monsters and players cannot walk through the center of it, and any area of effect attacks, such as Fireball or Windmill, cannot reach a target on the other side of the campfire.
  • The duration of the campfire decreases under raining or snowing Weather.
  • At Rank B, the size of the flame increases and the appearance of the Camp Kit changes.
  • The skill is currently capped at rank 8.


Fishing.png Fishing: Allows the player to fish in bodies of water. The better the rank, the better the automatic fishing rate will be.

This skill has a minigame:

Fishing Mini Game


  • Using the mouse, the goal of this mini-game is to keep the fish inside the red box as much as possible within the 10 second time limit (indicated by a meter at the bottom of the window) as the fish tries to escape the hook.
  • Every time the fish leaves the red box, the risk bar (shown at the top) will increase. At first, the risk bar will fill green, but if the fish continues to leave the red box constantly, the risk bar will turn red. Once the risk bar is completely filled, the catch will fail.
  • Tip: Try to keep the fish's tail center to the closest side the tail is facing the box so that you can easily shift your mouse depending on how it moves.
  • Tip: Instead of putting all of your focus on the fish, try focusing on your fishing line. As shown in the picture, the fishing line matches up with the box (when the fish is in the middle). Try to keep it just outside the box so that the fish it at the bottom of the box.
  • When a player succeeds in catching a monster spawn while fishing at the Beach of Scathach, a group of two to ten River Sahagin Rangers and River Sahagin Fighters or Sea Trolls and Giant Sea Trolls will spawn and may attack.
  • River Sahagins spawn at the north fishing area, and Sea Trolls spawn at the south fishing area.
  • As such, it is extremely risky to fish idle.

Taming Wild Animals.png Taming: Enables the player to tame wild animals. The success rate depends on both taming cane and bait equipped, as well with the skill's rank.

  • Allows one to try to tame and control creatures, who will follow you and help to fight.
  • Requires a Taming Cane and taming bait. Each attempt uses one bait.
  • Durability is not consumed when attempting taming.
  • A better taming cane increases the success rate
  • A better taming bait increases the success rate (by a small amount)
  • Stronger monsters, that is the ones with higher Combat Power, are harder to tame.
  • Success rate and duration of Taming Wild Animals is improved by a higher Rank of Control of Darkness, the Dark knight transformation special skill.

*Try to keep to monsters required to tame in the early ranks. 

Transformation Mastery.png Transformation Mastery: Lets the player transform into animals and monsters. The higher your skill, the higher rank the monsters you can study. Once you finish collecting a monster's transformation, you can transform into it. Depending on the number of transformations collected, your stats will increase when you transform.

  • Passive skill that determines the transformations available and what rank enemies can be collected.
  • Requires a Dream Catcher equipped and held in order to transform.
  • Attacking while transformed will still increase proficiency but will reduce the durability of the Dream Catcher, the Shamala Outfit (M) and the Shamala Outfit (F).
  • To transform, open up the Transformation Diary and then right click the desired creature.
  • Transformations can also be placed in the hotkey bar.
  • Defeat the creature for a chance to capture and record it into the Transformation Diary.
    • The success rate of capturing can be increased by equipping a Dream Catcher, by selecting the Adventure Talent, and by having the Transformation Enhancement Set Effect.
    • The method of killing does not matter. Pet and summoned golem kills can cause a capture. However, they must be your finishes and not another party member's.
  • Finish is assigned by the highest amount of hits rather than the highest damage dealt to a monster.
    • However, if an enemy kills itself with Self-Destruct, it will not count.
    • Depending on the creature, you may have to capture it up to 5 times before learning how to transform into it.
  • You may only collect creatures of your Transformation Mastery rank and below.
  • You can also collect creatures automatically through Shamala's Monster Transformation Medal regardless of your Transformation Mastery rank. However, you still need the respective rank in order to transform into said monster.
  • If you use a medal for a monster that is above your rank, you will gain the skill EXP when you reach the respective rank.
  • Certain monsters, such as Skeletons, may have multiple variations that can be transformed into at random.
  • You can only use the skills that the creature possess, but limited to Defense, Smash, Counterattack, Windmill, Rest, and Gestures.
  • You can also use skills that the creature does not have in its regular AI. For example, Spiders can use Smash and Counterattack.
  • The ranks, effects, loading, and cooldown times of the skills will be that of the player's.
  • If the creature has a non-melee weapon, such as a Hollow Knight's crossbow, it will still be treated as a melee weapon.


Treasure hunter skills (not adding to adventure talent if raised)

Exploration Mastery.png Exploration mastery: 

  • Passively increases the Exploration Experience gained through L-Rod Exploration, Sketching, and Exploration Quests and increases the detection range of L-Rods.
  • Monster finishes, turning in Courcle Artifacts or Exploration Statues to Voight, turning in Fossils to Belita, or Hot-Air Ballooning are unaffected by the EXP bonus.
  • Treasure Dungeons can only be found while Treasure Hunter is your active talent.
  • Treasure Dungeons may not be entered if you are not on the Treasure Hunter talent.
  • Starting at Rank 6, L-Rod Exploration has a chance to reveal the possible locations of artifacts on the Mini-map.
  • When this occurs, all "nearby" possible artifact locations are illuminated on the map with orange markers for approximately 2 seconds

Artifact Investigation.png Artifact investigation:

  • Allows the player to attempt appraisal and restoration of artifacts in a similar manner to Voight's appraisal/restoration services.
  • There is a fixed Gold cost for every appraisal or restoration attempt based on this skill's rank.
  • The gold cost has a chance to be nullified with this skill's Master Title.
  • Unlike Voight's restoration, failed restoration attempts through this skill will not cause the artifact to vanish.
  • The artifact's quality is random, but may be higher than from Voight's services.
  • The appraisal rate is always 100%.
  • There is a cooldown after every appraisal or restoration attempt.

*Ranking the skill to 1 will make you waste more money than anything, so if you still want to rank it, make sure to have x2, x4 (or, even better) x8 bonuses to make it less costly.

Crisis Escape.png Crisis escape: 

  • Allows one to transform into an inanimate object, removing all aggro from the player.
  • There are four forms that are randomly used when activating the skill: Viewscope, Telescope, Crystal Ball, and Quest Board. Each one is obtained at Rank Novice, Rank C, Rank 8, and Rank 3, respectively.

Hidden skill:

Doppelganger.png Doppelganger: This skill allows you to gather monster souls and turn them into clones to attack your enemies. The higher the skill is ranked, the more doppelgangers you will be able to summon with the skill. You must gather monster souls each time you use this skill.

Obtained when the player gets Apprentice Vagabond; composed of Close combat and Adventure talents, and completes the mini-quest for it.

Actions related to the skillset:

Sketch.png Sketch: Enables the player to draw a monster, at the condition of it staying still long enough. Requires sketch paper in order to use.

L-Rod Exploration.png L-Rod exploration: Allows the player to uncover hidden items, artifacts, or treasure within Iria to gain Exploration Experience.  They are required to use the L-Rod Exploration and Land Maker actions. Equip a L-Rod to gain the action. 

  • The action is defaulted hotkeyed as "X".
  • Sometimes when searching for artifacts in Connous's Longa Desert or anywhere in Physis, a notice will inform the player to find a different method to uncover a hidden artifact. This means to use Land Maker.
  • Walking near a hidden object with Awakening of Light active will automatically uncover it in the same manner as L-Rod Exploration.
  • The action's width depends on the rank of Exploration mastery.
  • Samhain (Saturday) increases the L-Rod's detection range.
    This may make it harder for players who are used to the normal shorter range, as it more possible for multiple targets to overlap.
    It states that "The accuracy increases over time." However that is a typo; it means that Samhain increases the detection range of the L-Rods for the day, not over time.
    The standard range of the L-Rod is equivalent to the covered area that you walked on the map.

Land Maker.png Land maker: The action for transforming landscapes using a tool. Obtained when the player equips either a Cold Wind, Snowfield, or a Warm Wind L-rod. Use the L-Rod of Cold Wind to either lower the sand hills, or the L-Rod of warm wind to raise the sand hills.

  • Snowfield L-Rod: Giant-only, used to create a hole in the ground in the snowfields of Physis.
  • Snowfield L-Rod (Human Only): Giant-aligned Human-only, used to create a hole in the ground in the snowfields of Physis.
  • Cold Wind L-Rod: Elf-only, used to create a hole in the ground in the deserts of Connous.
  • Cold Wind L-Rod (Human only): Elf-aligned Human-only, used to create a hole in the ground in the deserts of Connous.
  • Warm Wind L-Rod: Elf-only, used to create a mound in the deserts of Connous.
  • Warm Wind L-Rod (Human Only) Elf-aligned Human-only, used to create a mound in the deserts of Connous.
  • When used with a Cold Wind L-Rod or Snowfield L-Rod, the terrain in Connous's Longa Desert, anywhere in Physis, and north of Zardine's Raspa Volcano will temporarily fall, allowing the player to uncover burrowed items, artifacts, animals, and monsters for exploration experience.
  • Giants may use Stomp to substitute the above L-Rods.
  • The player may need to use L-Rod Exploration after digging enough.
  • At Raspa Volcano, lowering the terrain and then hiding in the crater will safeguard players from the Red Dragon's Meteor.
  • When used with a Warm Wind L-Rod, the terrain in Connous's Longa Desert will rise.
  • So far, raising the terrain is only needed in the Exploration Quest "Collect Cobra Pillar Statue Stone Fragment" where the sand needs to be raised high enough in order to find the Cobra Pillar Statue.
  • The Land Maker Action has a lower finding radius than L-Rod Exploration. Due to this, it may take multiple attempts to uncover the artifact, despite being next to it.

2. Master or Usefulness?

Adventure is a special talent in the sense that it doesn't have a lot of skills, so each one highly contributes to the talent experience pool. It is relatively easy, even if some skills are somewhat grindy, like fishing and taming.

The uses you can make off this skillset entirely depends on what you want to gain from it.

If you want to rank the most useful skills, I will not lie, every skill is useful. It all depends on what you do in-game.

  • For instance, rest will make your stamina regenerate faster. A campfire can make an indestructible obstacle. Fishing is necessary to get fish for cooking. Transformation mastery lets you change into an animal that can be faster than you are (like a horse). Taming, well.... taming is fun to boast about? You can also get some titles with it by taming, for example, an elephant or a succubus.

If you want to reach master adventurer / be able to use the demonic dream catcher:

Rest.pngCampfire.pngFishing.pngTransformation Mastery.pngTaming Wild Animals.png

*Taming can be used to complete the last steps you will need to reach master, depending on your current rank of transformation mastery. It is recommended you max out campfire, rest and fishing first since they are the ones that give most of talent xp.

* In any case, taming should be a priority since it is highly CP-dependant. CP gear is extremely handy to rank this skill. It also costs little AP. You won't get much talent experience from it, though.

*Since you will be traveling a lot and battle any and every kind of monster for transformation mastery, you might want to already have ranked other combat skills or get help.

*All that travel WILL make you gain money, no matter what. So you don't have to worry much about the repair costs. Don't forget to hunt down any ''ancient'' monster you see, since they can give you sweet loot! Be aware that they are stronger than their normal counterpart, though.

3. Tools & Weapons

Seeing as the adventure talent (minus for transformation mastery) doesn't have any offensive skills, you will only have to use the tools needed for each skill, if applicable.

3.1 For Fishing:

Fishing Rod Fishing Rod: 0-4 Base damage

The most common of fishing tools. Obtained at general shops, butler partners, handicraft, or l-rod exploration in iria.

Item Fishing Pole W22 Item Fishing Pole W22: 0-4 Base damage

Obtained through Handicrafting. Requires rank 5 Fishing and above in order to use. Gives a better fishing rate of items, not including fish or quest scrolls.

Life Exploration Fishing Rod Life exploration Fishing rod: 0-4 Base damage

Obtained by finishing the Inscription Collector quest which requires you to use the Fishing skill to collect 24 different species of fish for the Collection Journal.

  • Gains 0.6 Max Damage per Fishing Journal star, for a total of +90 Max Damage.
  • Gains 0.15 Critical per Fishing Journal star, for a total of 22.5 Critical.
  • The middle part changes colors depending on the last equipped weapon.


Inventory icon of Bait Tin Fishing bait  is required to be able to fish. It can be bought from most general shops or a Butler partner.

Besides this one, not counting event bait, here are the main three kinds of baits:

Inventory icon of Gourmet Bait Feeder Gourmet Feeding bait: Higher chances of catching fish. Obtained from the Hot spring monkey's bait box.

Icon of Item Illusion T46 Item Illusion T46: Obtained from Handicraft or through the Bait box given by hot spring monkeys. Requires rank 5 Fishing to use. Best used with the item fishing pole W22 for better results at getting items.

Inventory icon of Large Catch Bait Feeder Large Catch Bait feeder: Higher chance of catching large fish. Obtained from the Hot spring monkey's bait box.


3.2 For Taming:

*Taming canes are not meant to fight with.

Courcle Taming Cane Courcle taming cane: 0-4 base Damage, taming taming success rate bonus +1

Obtained from:

  • Ruwai in Cor village
  •  Maid partners.

Ancient Taming Cane Ancient taming cane: 0-4 base Damage, taming taming success rate bonus +2

Obtained from: 

  • Courcle Excavation Journal No.5
  • Possible reward from a Restored Boxed Artifact
  • Hot-Air Ballooning 21~25 stars possible reward

Tikka Wood Taming Cane Tikka wood taming cane: 0-4 base Damage, taming success rate bonus +3

Obtained from: 

  • Possible reward from a Restored Boxed Artifact
  • Courcle Excavation Journal No.9
  • Hot-Air Ballooning 36~40 stars possible reward
  • Rafting 48 stars

Life Exploration Taming Cane Life exploration taming cane: 0-4 base Damage, taming taming success rate bonus +3

Obtained from: Finishing the quest The Big game hunter, which requires the player to tame 90 animals and monsters from the taming collection journal.


Taming baits:

Bait is required in order to be able to use the taming skill. Better canes coupled with better baits will give better results at taming.

Taming Bait.png Courcle Taming bait: Taming bonus +1

Basic bait, sold from Tupai in Cor village.

Taming Bait.png Ruwai Taming bait: Taming bonus +2

Reward of Courcle Excavation Journal No. 3 collection book, sold by Voight.
Loved Food Rewards of Hot Spring Monkeys.

Taming Bait.png Tupai Taming bait: taming bonus +3

Reward of Courcle Excavation Journal No. 7 collection book, sold by Voight.
Loved Food Rewards of Hot Spring Monkeys.
Synthesis (Fixed recipe)

Shrimp Taming Bait.png Shrimp Taming bait: Taming bonus +6

Obtained through kneading.

Taitinn Carp Taming Bait.png Taitinn carp Taming bait: Taming bonus +7

Obtained through kneading.

Hot Spring Taming Bait.png Hot spring Taming bait: Taming bonus +10

Possible reward from feeding the Glutton Monkey at the Hot Springs a loved food.

*Each bait stacks up to 100, so make sure to have plenty as you go on and try to tame monsters, since it is likely you will fail a lot.


3.3 For Transformation mastery:

File:Ordinary Dream Catcher.png Ordinary Dream catcher: 7-15 Damage, Transformation collection rate bonus rate +2%

The most basic of dream catchers. You can obtain it from Shamala.

Ordinary Dream Catcher for BeginnersOrdinary Dream catcher for Beginners: 5-12 Damage, Transformation collection rate bonus rate +2%

 You can get this weaker version by doing Shamala's transformation training quests. I recommend you hold onto that one, since the repair costs are of 1 gold a point.

Moonlight Dream Catcher Moonlight Dream Catcher:  14-24 Damage, Transformation collection rate  bonus rate +5%

Obtained from the Trade assistant imp for 600,000 ducats.

3.4 Exploring:

*L-rods are not meant to fight with. The exception to this are the sun road and sun prophet colts, as they serve a dual purpose.

Icon of L-Rod L-Rod:

Basic exploration tool. Can be Bought from Alexina, Hagel, Krug, Voight, Arenen and the Maid partner.

Icon of Cold Wind L-Rod Cold Wind L-rod: 

Elf and Human- only L-rod. Obtained through Hagel in Filia.

Icon of Warm Wind L-Rod Warm Wind L-rod:

Elf and human-only. Obtained through Hagel in Filia.

*It actually has little purpose in-game, and as such, is not worth buying.

Icon of Snowfield L-Rod Snowfield L-rod: 

Giant and Human-only. Obtained through Krug in Vales.

Icon of Sun Road Colt Sun Road colt: 1-30 base Damage.

Acts as both guns and L-rod. Requires mana bullets to fire. Obtained through Hillwen engineering. 

Icon of Sun Prophet Colt Sun prophet colt: 3-40 base Damage.

Acts as both guns and L-rod. Requires mana bullets to fire. Obtained through Hillwen engineering, or during the Treasure hunter Ace giveaway event.

3.5 Demonic Weapon

File:Demonic Nightmare Dream Catcher.pngDemonic nightmare Dream catcher : 18-31 Damage, Transformation collection rate bonus rate +10%

Cannot be upgraded, but an Engineer's enchant on it is most useful, as it cuts repair fees by 50%.

You can obtain it from either Handicraft, or by doing Saga season 1 episode 9 with better rates on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

4. Equipment

Icon of Shamala Outfit (F)Icon of Shamala Outfit (M) Shamala's outfit (F) and (M):

Obtained through Monster summoning urns, other players or the holiday Gachapon.

Particularly useful when a player is ranking transformation mastery, as it enhances the collection rate by a significant amount.


5. Enchants

There are no enchants that directly benefit the skills. 


Engineer's : Rank 9
**Due to the fact that it can be used on any equipment, it is particularly useful to put it on any costly equipment, as it cuts the repair fees of 50%.
Obtained from :Emerald Bison, Hillwen's Nightmare Event.


6. Titles

Not many master titles of this talent benefit to their corresponding skill, if it is obtainable at all.

Finishing the rank 1 transformation mastery collection will not grant you a title, but rather the ability to transform into Shamala.

Otherwise, this is the only title that boosts its skill's effect and function.

the Master of Animal Taming:   Dex +10, Strength +12, Taming success rate increased


Second titles:

Treasure Hunter title.png Treasure Hunter: Max ATT +15, Treasure Dungeon Exploration Success Rate +15, Magic DEF +10, Magic Protection +6. Obtained using a title coupon.

Tupai title.png Tupai:  Taming Success Rate +10%. Obtained using a title coupon.

SAO Nishida.png SAO Nishida: Increased automatic success rate for fishing. SAO crossover event-exclusive.

ALO Asuna.png ALO Asuna: Magic Attack +40, Bolt Magic +2%, Animal Taming +20%. SAO crossover event-exclusive.

Shenon title.png Shenon: Increased automatic success rate for fishing. Obtained using a title coupon.


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