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This can be considered a game. However, it is as much a discussion than anything else really.  So I do not think it should be considered a forums game.  But the goal of this thread is to review sound tracks that users post.   Basically you review the sound track posted before you do.  What you liked about it, and even give it a score.  You do not have to say much really.   Why the extra trouble?  Well if there was a thread in which people posted sound tracks, they'd just go on a posting spree and few people will actually listen to the tracts presented.  This on the other hand forces anyone who wants to participate to take a listen.  In turn enlightening all participants. 


1.  NO Pop Music, or Pop Music in General/Rock Music etc etc etc.... Yes I know it is often Part of a Sound Track, but it is 99% of the time not actually made for the film/TV/video game, but to help sell the Anime or a film, and often to promote specific bands or singers, rarely made for that product itself.  There are only a few Rare Acceptations but just try to avoid it entirely.  Sung Songs are acceptable, if ONLY it's an original production only ever seen in that production.

2. You must use a Rating Scale 1/5, 2/5, 3/5, 4/5 and 5/5.  Simple Yes?

3. Only ONE *Track* from a Sound Track Per Post.

4. You can NOT post a Sound Track without reviewing the Previous Post First.  

5. If someone beats you to the punch you will still have to review the post above you, ie the person who beat you to the punch.


I think I will start it off with something amazingly simple, yet just as amazingly beautiful.  



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To answer that Solodrake.  If it is from an anime, TV show, Movie, Video game, or even say a Documentary series and it was composed for it (and yes some documentaries have original sound tracks).  Then it is a sound track.  Sound tracks are also often called Background Music or BGM.   Sound tracks is just a broader term being it can also equal things other than music itself, but it's often the official term mostly used for background music anymore.   So if it fits in with that description, which I likely should of explained on the first post, but really, I assume most people know what an OST, or Original Sound Track is really.  

4 out of 5:  I enjoyed it greatly.  I have to say, when the pace picked up I could imagine say a pilot flying past enemy lines, through a wall of AAA and Flak to reach his/her destination.  It caused me to imagine something epic, that is worthy of the 4 out of 5.   



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